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Gay Men of Wisdom
Awakening the Gifted Gay Man in You
You are here for a reason. Your desires, your differences, and your perspectives are gifts to the world. Humanity needs what you have to offer now more than ever.

Being gay is about much more than having a different sexual orientation. Gay men play distinct and important roles in society. Our energies and ways of being men enable us to be of service in ways that are different--and which are critical to human survival.

How would your life improve if you understood the important social functions you play because you are gay?

What would you think, and how would you feel about yourself if the purpose of being gay suddenly made sense?

The resources available through Gay Men of Wisdom can help you answer these questions. And they may just transform your life.

My new book, Gay Men and The New Way Forward, explores how gay men's differences--those traits that society has judged, minimized, or failed to appreciate--enable us to make important contributions to society. 

Powerful U, a three-month online program, will take you on a guided and highly personal journey through your gay gifts, in the loving and supportive company of other gay men.

Celebrating Gay Manhood, an in-person weekend intensive, will help you discover, claim, and stand tall in how you embody manhood.  

Small Voice Coaching, a three-month one-on-one coaching experience, will help you tune into your still, small voice and create a life that aligns with your innermost longings. 

Thank you for visiting and perusing the resources available on this site. May you discover and embrace your gay gifts.
Raymond L. Rigoglioso, ACC Founder
All contents copyright © 2015 Raymond L. Rigoglioso.
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